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          Data Archiving Concerns
                                           Why Archive?

   •    The amount of data created is doubling every two years              
   •     80% of all this data is unstructured                                          
   •     Data is hardly ever used-after 90 days is infrequently accessed  
   •     A high % of IT storage budgets are spent maintaining the data

           •      Exponential storage costs
           •      Increased administrative costs
           •      Stress on backup storage capabilities and backup windows
         So… what do you do with the data ?  

                                                          Data Archiving is the answer!    

Effective Storage Strategies: 
Implementing an Archive Tier to Reduce Costs

The proliferation of unstructured data consumes countless terabytes and even petabytes of Tier 1 storage 
across almost every data center.

Reducing the costs associated with managing and preserving that data is of utmost concern.

IT departments everywhere can benefit by implementing an archiving solution that offloads expensive
Tier 1 Storage to an affordable Tier 3 archive.

NA Use Case Before Archive            NA Use Case After Archive

Effective Storage Strategies: Implementing an Archive Tier to Reduce Costs,

can greatly simplify implementation, ensure a seamless transformation for users, and reap significant
cost savings for your organization.

Transitioning to Tiered Storage with an Archive Tier

There are five key steps for transitioning to a tiered storage environment with a Tier 3 data archive storage layer.

  • Understanding your data and its applicability to being archived
  • Find the correct balance between Tier 1 cost savings and possible impact on accessing data
  • Implement a transparent archiving environment with seamless archive data access
  • Understand the savings provided by freeing Tier 1 storage and replacing it with Tier 3 archival storage
  • Selecting the correct Tier 3 archival storage to maximize savings.    
•         Rapid online access                                                            
•         Low-cost archive access
•         Onsite operational recovery

•         Offsite disaster recovery (optional)
•         Very long-term data retention
•         Immutability (authentication)                               
•         Powered down (green storage)