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             Archiving Technology 

How is NetArchive Revolutionary?

Only fully inclusive Enterprise Level optical archiving solution available

   - Enterprise level capacities with up to 802.5TB of nearline storage

• Instills the trust and confidence needed for protection of valuable data assets
   - Brought to you by credentialed archiving innovator ASTI
   - Incorporates cutting edge optical technology & robotics
   - Secure Technology Roadmap with Longevity
   - Proven hardware and software technologies 


Most secure archiving solution available
   - Data is secured on optical media true hardware Write Once Read Many (WORM) technology
   - > 50 + years unalterable media lifespan
   - Secures data from unauthorized access 


• Includes highly evolved Archive Management Software with extensible options
   - High-Availability Replication
   - Cloud storage archiving and offsite backup
   - Encryption


• Offers the ultimate protection for your business or organization
   - Enables compliance with industry and government regulations
   - Protects against data loss
   - Minimizes business risks

   - Preserves data unaltered for extended and/or varying periods 

• Ground-breaking performance
   - Rivals the speed and capacity of tape with greater reliability
   - High-performance designed-in server
   - Fibre Channel interconnect to drives 

• Advanced optical drive design
   - Dual optical heads and data channels for faster reads and writes
   - High 10k+ RPM speed for faster data transfers 


• Improved media capacity & reliability
   - Professional Archive Grade Media
   - Higher data capacity with 12 disk cartridge (1.5TB)
   - Small media cartridge size lends itself for storing offsite disaster recovery
   - Coated media has greater reliability than standard BluRay


• Simplifies & improves operations
   - Worry-free archiving with comprehensive Archive Management Software
   - Seamless integration with storage environment and existing applications
   - Implements a cost-effective archive tier to your storage environment
   - Conserves IT floor space with space efficient standard rack mount options


• Lowest possible total cost of ownership
   - Elastic system scalability
   - Expandable to the Cloud
   - Provides a lower cost alternative to disk for archiving purposes
   - Affordable disaster recovery solutions reduce costs
   - Green technology - Once data is written to media it no longer requires a constant power source to maintain the data
   - Reduces the need for system migrations (and technology refreshes) typically required for other storage mediums
   - Media does not require period replacement or maintenance
   - Media storage does not require special environmental conditions


• All of this enables you to realize an archiving solution specific to your needs
   - Adapts to any business, government, or industry from small organizations to the largest enterprise

   - Flexible, modular system architecture


• Scales from 30 Cartridges (45TB) to 535 Cartridges (802.5 TB) in a single rack

• Up to 18 Drives possible in one library configuration