Management Software Designed Specifically for Archiving

An integral part of ASTI's archiving solutions, the Archive Management Software Pro (AMS Pro) is specifically designed for data archiving and provides all the capability necessary for proficiently and effectively archiving, managing, and randomly accessing data. 

The highly configurable and versatile application provides powerful policy-based control for data management and migration. Designed expressly for usability and efficiency, the advanced feature set enables users to manage virtualized archive storage volumes, file folders, file releases, and migrations, online and offline media, and data stored in the Cloud. Powerful help tools and easy-to-setup and modify archiving parameters eliminate the need for specialized training and resources. Unattended monitoring through notifications decreases the amount of time needed to manage data. With built-in disaster recovery technologies, users can choose the appropriate policies to support their business continuity requirements. High-availability requirements with low Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) can be met with optional Replication capabilities, while less stringent needs can be achieved with lower-cost cloud-based backup or Optical media copies stored offsite. 

The AMS Pro advanced feature set can be enhanced by enabling options such as Encryption, Replication, and Cloud.

·         AMS Benefits
·         Encryption Feature
·         Replication Feature
·         Cloud Feature
Highlights of the advanced feature set include:
·         Seamless Cloud option
·         Encryption option
·         High availability Replication option
·         Centralized control and monitoring
·         Configurable policies: migration, watermark & storage volumes release, and more
·         SMTP/SNMP system notifications
·         Media management tools
·         Library management tools
·         Off-lined media monitoring and management
·         UDO Guard data protection
·         System diagnostics for library & SMS, including board-level sensor monitoring
·         RAID integrity checker
·         Standard File Sharing Protocols: CIFS, NFS, FTP
·         Simultaneous operation - Windows & UNIX environments
·         Multiple authentication services supported: Windows Active Directory, Local User Level Security, or LDAP