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Professional Data Archiving Solutions are used by thousands of organizations around the globe to secure their valuable data.
Businesses today face many unique archiving challenges. Some apply to all companies. Others are unique to industries and
situations. Sertho understands that these problems call for cost effective and easy-to-implement solutions. Sertho offers
archival storage solutions from leading brands, based on long term archival WORM storage and on Software defined archival,
that meet these needs while reducing business risk and simplifying complexity. 
NetArchive from Alliance Storage Technologies is the latest development in this market.
Some aspects of archive management are universal. Whether it is content management, email archiving or compliance
- a common set of problems are faced.
Sertho offers solutions tailored to your needs to solve these issues.
Archive and record retention requirements can vary widely by industry. Industry specific regulations further complicate how
archives are built and sustained. Sertho understands these specific needs and can advise you in this. 


Archiving vs Backup - The Difference Between Backup and
Archival Storage Solutions 

Organizations need storage products that provide authenticity, long-term retention of data and low total cost of ownership
over time, without sacrificing the need for fast access and reliability. However, confusion often arises over the difference
between backup and archival storage products and the specific technologies that address each need. With continuing high
overall storage growth rates and with approximately 80% of data being static fixed content, companies must understand
and distinguish between their backup and archiving needs before choosing the appropriate storage solutions to meet those

Too many companies believe backup and archiving are one and the same; in fact, they are separate processes that can
actually improve one another." 

Essentially, a backup is designed as a short-term insurance policy to facilitate disaster recovery, while an archive is
designed to provide ongoing rapid access to decades of business information while simultaneously supporting regulatory
compliance and legal initiatives. Archived records can be, and often are, placed outside the traditional Tier-1 storage
infrastructure onto archive storage solutions. This eliminates the need for normal backup cycles and improves operational
efficiencies, while backup operations continue to protect the active data that is changing on a frequent basis.
Organizations have the requirement for both data management practices and backup solutions to protect their active data
and archive solutions to store their static fixed content data.

                                Backup & Archive are Complimentary 

                                        -  Archiving Static data reduces costs
Backing-up Active data is a necessity